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This Gallery is being updated after 10 years!!

last week • 08/10/2022

This is an early look to what the gallery will mostly look once it replaces the Gallery at https://www.loboleo.com , right now is mostly old content, but maybe you'll be able to find some strange forgotten pics from my old site.

Next month, I'll resume the update of this project (Because right now I have to draw a lot of things) so it can go live by Mid August, hopefully.

Until then, any ...

TLC "Moonlight Run"
TLC "Moonlight Run"

Illustration I did for Heliotroph, author of "The Lycanthrope Club" Book 1 back in 2011. I loved working on these pics.

The Book was published in 2012 at http://daemoneye.net/novels.html

For more about the world and author works : https://www.deviantart.com/heliotroph/gallery

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