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"In a quiet mountain wilderness, a young man arrives at a secluded cabin with his girlfriend Tala. As the full moon crests the horizon, a feeling rises in Alex' s chest. Something wild is happening…"

A 21 pages comic, Black & White (Gray Shaded) . Contains: Explicit Sexual Scene, Werewolf TF's Male & Female.

Free Preview: 1-2-3-4



WOLF HOOD - Coming Soon (2012) (MATURE CONTENT)

Something strange is happening within Aiden, while trying to get help from his Friend Gary the full-moon rises.


Info: Started as a fun test while doing Fan-Art for a story I found Online "Wolf Hood" by Catwolf. While doing the drawings I stared to play with "What if" scenarios of a few you can see bewlo, and Catwolf was pretty ok with it :) Before I noticed I was making a lot of pages so decided to make a whole newcomic with a sketchy style.

Release Date: No Date planned, Hopefully before the end of 2012.


"Wolf Hood" Fan-Art and Small Comic.

The Comic pages follow a "What if Scenario" if the transformation would've continued from the "Fan-art 01" .



"Wolf Guy" Sequence

While this Sequence does not have dialogue, it may be edited in the future to fit another comic I'm working on. That's why it's listed here udner Comics with a generic name "Wolf Guy" . In the mean time you can enjoy it as how it's right now.



Emil Wolves (Sketch work only) (2010)

I particulary did this work for a friend who comissioned me a small comic which will be published here in my country. So these sketches will be the only thing available here just to have a peek on it. So don't expect me to translate the dialogues since these pagues are just in a half-way process.



THE GIFT II - RINA'S NIGHT. (Status Unfinished - 2009) (M)

The Follow Up To "The Gift", this time around is not a comission but a fun thing I decided to do. In Rina's Night, now aware of her condition She goes into the wild to explore more abou herself...and then....
This project it's on hold until other news. Although you can get more of this project at the Store .



A Wild Night (Sketch work) (2009)(M)

Something I was doing for fun. But after I moved to my new place I kind lost the first pages. I'm not sure if I'll pick it up someday. Male transformation.

1-2-3-4-5 -6


THE GIFT (Finished - 2003) (M)

Rina gets a present in her 18 birthday from her old sister Mai, but it's not just an ornament but a real "gift" for her new life. Comission by Chaos Wulfen. In despite of beign a comission CW was so kind to let me do anything I wanted with his original idea of 2 girls becoming werewolves. I have to admit they become kinda popular.



Teen Fangs (Finished - 2002) (M)

Started as comic project comic but ended up just like an experiment for what would become in the future my next project (Alpha Luna). The story setup was rather different and at that time I didn't feel truly confident with my own art so I took my time to make it possible. This is just a nice little tf scene in the end.

C-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 + Cambios (related comic) ZIP


TAMMY'S CHANGE (Finished - 2002) (M)

A girl is attacked by a wolf at night out in the woods. guess what :P. Old comission by Cearenbow, and probably the first one I madefor the genre.





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