A QUICK FIX! (Two Howls)

September 28th, 2012

I got notified that 2 Bonus files within Two Howls were corrupted: “08TH_Alternative_page10.jpg” and “09TH_Alternative_page11.jpg” – The quick fix is that those files are in fact “.psd” files (photoshop). So if you happen to have the software, you can rename their extensions to psd and open them in photoshop. If not, please email me and I’ll […]

Well, after weeks gathering what I had everywhere. Working over details of unfinished pieces… over hundred of pics, here there is a new update. At the Store I put one of my most important works (Due the time it took)  “Two Howls” is an adult oriented 21 page TF DIGITAL comic. In sale for US$12. Some of you […]